Winemaker portrait

« The trajectories of men and women in space and time never stop feeding our ambitions, our dreams, our memories, family conversations, history books, novels.
All life, from the most humble to the most complex, (…) is an anecdote between heredity and environment, an individual story with a beginning and an end, and, ultimately, a Destiny. »

These words by Jean D’Ormesson seem written for Blaise de Bordas, grandson of General Henri de Bordas, a true war hero, and Françoise Sabatier d’Espeyran, a discreet young woman from the French upper middle class.

Blaise de Bordas likes to tell the romantic story of this young aviator kidnapping his beloved – beyond the social conventions – for a flight over the grounds of the castle. This story – perhaps a little romanticized – fed the imagination of the young winemaker and participated in his love for his land from earliest childhood.

Like his family, the estate has long been a place of escape where he enjoyed living his very first summers.
At the age of seven, his parents decided, to his delight, to move to the domain and manage the activities to enjoy this haven of peace.
He remembers the time when, while his father was busy managing the vineyard, he lived thrilling brotherly adventures that are reminiscent of those of the children of Marcel Pagnol’s book, « The glory of my father. »
After studying engineering, Blaise goes exploring the world. It is during this time he acknowledges the gift of his tremendous luck: to be one of the heirs of this domain which seemed to him the replica of the farm of the movie « Out of Africa ».
In his mind, a vision takes shape: that if he returns to France it will be to manage the vineyard of Chateau d’Espeyran.

Blaise de Bordas dans le vignoble du Domaine d'Espeyran

A passion from generation to generation

In 2016, Michel de Bordas who dedicated his life to managing the domain for 40 years decided it was time to pass on his inheritance to his children Raphael, Gaspard and Blaise.
Micheal felt that the fire and passion of the great uncles, Fréderic, Felix and François Sabatier d’Espeyran was present in the younger generation who are all particularly fond of the place and sensitive to the scarcity of the area: the vast and richness of the environment and its lands, the beauty of the building’s heritage …
And although the three young brothers who respectively invested in their own entrepreneurial activities always had the intention to manage the property. However, it is Blaise who decided with the full support of his brothers, to immerse himself fully into the field.

Blaise is most recognised for his commitment, dedication, passion and loyalty to family values and traditions. And he is most passionate about transmitting the greatness of ​​Espeyran into his wines.
Without being fully aware of it, Blaise has been preparing for this inheritance since a young age. The opportunity given to him by his elders is his destiny, given the opportunity to contribute to the family history and continue what his ancestors once started.

Michel et Blaise de Bordas