A family heritage since 1791 A family heritage since 1791
Blason Sabatier d'Espeyran
L'Envol, Costieres de Nîmes du Domaine d'Espeyran

Owner harvesting since 1791

If you have the chance to go through the area of ​​Espeyran, or even better, stay in the beautiful cottage, then you will have the chance to explore a land of history and traditions.

The family Sabatier d’ Espeyran has owned this domain since the 18th century and each generation is working hard to improve the various productions from this region: the unique vineyard, which has turned into terroir at the edge of the Camargue and also additionally – cereals, stud farm, olive trees and reed bed.

Sabatier d’Espeyran, 9th generation

The new generation is proud of its journey and its land with prominent southern accents. Today Espeyran at the same time as being an expression of heritage is a secular memory and modernity, that the young operator applies with passion and audacity.

The 535 hectares domain is divided into the vineyard, the cereals crops and the hunting company created by our family ancestors during the 18th century. Surrounded by 120 hectares of heartwarming forest, a canopy of trees and ponds for this spectacular setting.

It is with curiosity and enthusiasm that Blaise, now in the 9th generation of the lineage Sabatiers d’Espeyran that takes over the fate of the property and is dedicated to bringing it back to its original nobility.
Thus his signature vintages in red rosé and white in the Costières de Nîmes appellation, naturally found their baptismal name: l’Envol (Take off)

The cottage of the Domaine d’Espeyran

Located just a stone’s throw away from major tourist sites, this is a stunning location in the heart of this exclusive region. This magnificent house grounded in history is placed in the heart of the vineyard, a perfect retreat accommodating up to 14 people.

Espeyran, hunting ground

Big and small game are in abundance! Espeyran has the ideal climate throughout the year. A diverse territory of a marsh, wood, plain … with more than 500 hectares in a classified and protected territory since 1538, with access to one of the most beautiful playgrounds of the South of France. (for the passionate only!).

Les vins du Domaine d'Espeyran

Mas d’Espeyran
Chemin d’Espeyran
SCEA Ribasse Argentière
30800 Saint-Gilles, France
43.644726, 4.402037